Case Studies - Sadikshya
Raja and I paid a visit to see Sadikchhya's family this morning. Her mum is only 23 years old and the dad was an extremely violent and abusive man who was bent on killing the wife. Though he works overseas, he makes no contact with the family and he is as good as dead to most of his family. Sadikchhya's mum Sarda is employed as a cleaner at a Neuro hospital at Bansbari and hasn't given up on her two daughters.

Later in the afternoon, I visited a special school called SERC ( Special Education and Rehabilitation Centre) at Baluwatar where we have planned to place Sadikchhya and made first hand inquiries. From my viewpoint, this is an excellent school for our special girl. This school has specially trained teachers, is run by professionals and is well equipped to deliver an impressive service and care to special kids. Sadikchhya was assessed last Friday and the principal has promised to send me her assessment report.The teachers opine that Sadikchhya might be able to go to a normal school after two years of rehabilitation at SERC.Which includes everyday physio sessions and sensory therapies. The school also provides boarding facilities at an extra cost.

May those who live in the shadows be seen by those in the sun.
John Marsden