Projects - IGWR House
We started the "IGWR House" to accommodate four children whose mother had died and whose father was not able to look after them. With our full-time hose mother we now have 15 children living in a 'home' environment, all attending full-time schools.

There is a real sense of family/community developing within the house and a secure future for these vulnerable children is now becoming a reality

As is often the case with such organisations in Nepal it is not always easy to bring about change, and with our commitment to "making a difference" we also demand standards of operation and responsibility that go beyond the local norms.

We will continue to wait and watch this delightful community of small children as their board considers the options for ongoing operations; and as they consider, we will continue in partnership with another NGO to provide and monitor the full-time educational needs ofthe children.

Children Autobiographies:
( All the stories here have been written by the children themselves. There has been no editing! )

@2.92/day ($87.50 per month)
Each child is given life & an education
Less than one cappuccino per day!