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For the cost of a Coffee...
You can give life to a Child
We need some more sponsors to help us with our commitments in Nepal We are currently looking after, and giving an education to, some 60+ children and need to find regular sponsors to maintain these life giving services...

Please consider sponsoring a child.
3 ways for you to share with us and make a real difference...

1. IGWR House
We provide a home and house mother for 15 children aged from 6-17 and all are placed in fulltime education... @2.92/day ($87.50 per month)
Each child is given life & an education
Less than one cappuccino per day!
2. SLC Graduates
We provide Year 11+12 scholarships to students from poor backgrounds that have completed year 10 (School leaving certificate)...
This gives them the opportunity to achieve a standard so that they can go into higher education and obtain qualification that will secure their future...
Last year we had 9 students complete year 11+12 AND they achieved high results

We need 14 sponsors for Education fees $ 50/month And 14 sponsors for living/housing costs $50/month Less than $2 per day That's not even a cappucino

3. Raja & Children cared for by IGWR
Our staff and housing costs for IGWR families are all supported by sponsors. We need more support to sustain these services and continue to give these children an opportunity.
Join our team of supporters for $50/month..and
That’s not even 1/2 a cup of coffee!