Projects - Family Assistance
We are currently involved in providing support for two families in Kathmandu…And in the process are delighting in the creative synergy that can be explored by small scale ‘hands-on’ involvement.

We have been financially supporting the family of a ‘street-kid’ encountered in 2009 so that his three siblings can continue with schooling. The family live in one room with no running water and certainly no space for much other than sleeping. We are seeking to lease a house for them that will be large to offer shelter to other children in need. We will then also employ the mother to look after the other children that come to the home.

We visited this family who had been identified as ‘at risk’ after the sudden death of the mother. They live on small holding 2-3 hours away from Kathmandu and have two cows/goats and a couple of chickens. The mother would have done most of the house/farm work so that the father could earn supplementary income. The children have a 1 hour walk to/from school. Now the mother is dead their circumstance are more precarious….The father cannot seek outside paid work and at least one child must miss school to look after the 3 year old.

We are seeking to bring the children into the S-Family house and enroll them in local schools. We’re also evaluating the potential to establish a chicken farm on the father’s property so that he has an income source and can contribute to and support his family.
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