Projects - Individual Children
Marie Thomson has been providing (and facilitating) sponsorship for individuals in Nepal so that they can continue and complete their education. It is wonderful to appreciate that $50 per month will sponsor a child – it provides a child with the resources to become a part of the solution rather than remain a part of the problem.

We will continue the pattern that Marie has established, and will provide funds for children that we can directly evaluate and monitor so that we can be confident that such funds are making a difference.

IGWR-Nepal has become "home" for some 60 children, mostly in primary school, but also a number of secondary school students and now also our graduating school children begin tertiary studies.

We seek to secure a sponsor for each and every child…. and for the support services that the children need. We have a full-time Nurse, a Youth Programme Coordinator and Project Director who is a social-welfare specialist (all local to Kathmandu)

Our staff costs and housing costs for IGWR families are all fully dependant on the generosity of sponsors.

We need more support to sustain these services and continue to give these children an opportunity $1.67/day
Join our team of supporters for $50/month..and
That’s not even 1/2 a cup of coffee!