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This year Nepal is prompting  "Experiences of a lifetime" and you can click the image to visit the official website.  IGWR-Nepal is very much about creating lifetime experiences to those children who don't have a chance without our support. And so perhaps there is an auspicious opportunity this year, as the world looks at Nepal maybe there is an oportunity to see how we all can give life and receive life by sharing our experiences and our abundance with others.


We are seeking to start our second program to help children living in poverty; kids that have only the rote learning of school and little stimulation or adult support within their home or institution. The School+Plus program is a proven approach to developing and empowering kids; it provides two hours of daily tutoring, art and music classes, regular health check-ups, and daily nutritious meals, in a caring and loving environment. And we're planning Adult Literacy Classes to help families.

This program needs more financial support before we can commit to making it a reality. we have a funding page on GlobalGiving so that you can see how we are progressing and also make a gift if you wish share in supporting this effort.


Your Birthday this year

Hopefully we'll all have a birthday this year.

Maureen used her birthday last year to collect gifts for IGWR, and this year Cherie is doing the same.

Imagine if we all did the same!

If all our birthday gift requests were for donations to support the kids in Nepal.

Rural School Improvement

Keith Bourke and his friends are planning another project to help improve PachaKanya School. The before and after images of theri last projects speak for themselves.

Keith and his team really make a difference and you can support their project via Global Giving.


Our hospitality

We've already got half a dozen sponsors planning to visit IGWR-Nepal in 2020. It is always a rewarding and refreshing experience both for the team & children in Nepal and for the sponsors. Think about coming this year, we've got an apartment and can also advise you with your travel plans and any other accommodation needs.


Adventure travel Photography tour

Join Walk on The Wild Side Tours for an unforgettable and unique experience of travel and photography. We take a maximum 10 adventurers to ensure that you will have plenty of tuition time with making certain that you come home with stunning shots and memories to cherish.  

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