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Urgent Covid-19 Relief


We need your help to ensure our kids have clean water and to provide some of our kids with the capacity for online learning during the current Covid-19 lockdown. 

Our first urgent requirement is replacing water treatment plant in IGWR house 1. The total cost for doing that is around $2000 and this include 2 new water tanks, water filter and RO water purifier.”

And secondly, due to Covid-19 all the schools and colleges are closed, and they are running online classes. We have 12 students who are studying online in IGWR houses 1, 2 and 3.


We have 5 sharing working laptops from office which are used by 9 students and another 3 students have their own laptops.


To enable these students to meet their study schedules and requirements we really need some additional laptops and mobile phones to enable full online access to classes.

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We are currently looking to change water filter plant we have at IGWR House1. The current one is not working and due to rusty water from ground the filter stops working. We tried to change the material but it’s not working.

IGWR always give priority to health. We make sure the kids drink safe water use clean water for bath.

We are looking to change of water filter plant, water filter RO, two 1000 let water tank and 1 solar hot water panel.

Component Cost

NPR35000                  $420

NPR26500                  $318

NPR22800                  $273

NPR46900                  $562

NPR131200                $1572


Labour                                     $150

Management                           $172

Bank fees/trf rates                   $50


TOTAL PROJECT COST          $1944


We are currently in need of 3 to 4 mobile phones and laptops for our kids who are attending online classes.

The students are from grade 10, 9, 8 and 7. We have chosen from many options to find the makes that are good in Nepal.


Together with desk and chairs we can set up a study lab for the students to work online


4 Laptops                    NPR200000                $2400

3 Table/chair              NPR28800                  $345


Total cost of Home-schooling and online learning equipment    


Plus Management & bank/trf fees                                                         $150

                                                                                            TOTAL       $3801


Please help us if you can

A little donation can make a big difference


and certainly in these times of lock-down

it is a real boost to be helped by others who care.

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Thank You

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