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Baby with Stethoscope

A scholarship for Diya

A gift of promise and opportunity

an investment in a brighter tomorrow

and a world of difference,

a dream realised for a girl in Nepal


IGWR-Nepal has a wonderful track record in supporting students in medical studies.

We have already brought to life a doctor, two physiotherapists and three nurses....

And, all this has been achieved with the generous gifts of our supporters...


Diya is smart intelligent girl. She has been supported by IGWR-Nepal since 2018. Diya used to live with her aunty, but her aunty could no longer look after her and was going to send her back to her village to work in the fields with her mother (a sole parent).  IGWR, after discussions with mum and aunty, took the responsibility of giving Diya a home in our IGWR family house and also looked after her schooling. Diya wants to become Nurse; she really thinks she can be one day and we all believe in her.

Your support on our July Bonus day enabled us to raise $13,588 so that we can give Diya a nursing training scholarship?

It is such an inspiration when individuals make donations that enable one of our students to realise their dreams. And, more than inspiring, it tells us that we can (and do) make a difference, we are all part of creating a better tomorrow.

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