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IGWR-Nepal will undertake to manage an EMERGENCY Relief program to distribute monthly food parcels to families in Kashmir who are unable to work due to the lock-down by India.

An initiative by Raja (country Director IGWR-Nepal) whose family of origin are in Kashmir and will help with this much needed relief

Our intent is not to take any political viewpoint, rather we seek to address a very real need.

The situation in Kasmir is under-reported in much mainstream media, and there are no international initiatives addressing the situation on the ground.

The news via India is very different to what is actually being experienced on the ground and it is that reality we are seeking to support.

A message from Raja


Help my Kashmir in this difficult situation.


As you all know situation in kashmir is very unstable since 5t August 2019. All business is closed, shops are closed, schools and colleges are closed only essential supplies are available. The Internet is banned in Kashmir, prepaid mobiles are closed, postpaid mobiles are working on an agreement that the owner of those mobiles will not take part in any rally or say anything against government.


This is winter in Kashmir and that made life more cripple in Kashmir. There are families whose only source of income comes from construction, taxi drivers, conductors and street vendors. It used to be difficult before too but people use to be prepared for winter but from last 5 months no business changed everything.


I would like to help at least 50 families of 5 members to support them with one month of food and grocery supply. I have estimated around 225$ worth per family will be enough. The total cost will be around 11250 $. 


What can we do to Help?

Kasmir helpj.jpg

We have a fundraising project on GLOBALGIVING that will have a full budget and details of how the project will be managed.

Check news outlets that are reporting the situation (GOOGLE will help).

Keep Raja, and his family and other families in Kashmir in your thoughts prayers.

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