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Our Advisors

Our team of volunteers that manage the financial aspects of IGWR have been supported by a team of business professionals that add that expertise and insights to improve the support that we can offer to IGWR Nepal

Below we've included these 'advisors' both to acknowledge their support and to encourage you to join us and become part of a team that takes making a difference in today's world as a serious and worthwhile undertaking.

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John Morgan                       Marketing and Creative Writing

Barbara Macnish                Business management and Human Resources

Joan Jessup                         Business Management and Policy Design

Simon Miskin                      Education and Visual Arts

Martin McAllen                  Project Management and Foreign Aid Programs

Adrian Lucivero                   Business Management and entrepreneurship

Sue Heather                        Business Management and entrepreneurship                           

Steve Heather                     Business Management and entrepreneurship            

Nalini Robertson               Education and Finance      

Shaku Robertson                Marketing, Creative Writing and Media Design          

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