Our Wish List

Wishes that could be answered any day and that we're really working on achieving.

schoolchild in rural Nepal

New Sponsors

We still need 16 sponsors for Kids  we are already supporting

Two girls enjoy teIGWR after school program

New School+Plus

We are running the program "in-house", now we need to find suitable premises. [$3000/year]

IGWR House for sponsored children

Long term contracts

$8000 a year for five years  will enable us to meet the accommodation requirements for our students.


Tech Support

Initially we'll need to contract, but want to train in-house expertise.

[Est. $2500/year]

Raja IGWR Country director and one of th IGWR girls

Office/House Manager

Raja currently does everything, we need additional support adding $6500 to our Budget


A Budget surplus

We've never had this experience.

Raja and a van load of volunteers

A new Van

With lots of Kids to transport, we need to upgrade the van. A new lease $5000/year

And, wishes that look ahead

that are part of our plans and our dreams

team picture

Corporate support

Our team of volunteers achieve much; but there is more to do and that needs some extra funding

Graduating IGWR Students


What will our kid's achieve when they graduate, will they be the IGWR of tomorrow?

school plus logo.JPG

National School+Plus

Our program works; it would be great to take it to every needy community as a national package

Make a wish image

A Budget surplus

We've never had this experience.

Stylised mountains

Business Start-ups

Our team in Nepal seek to be self-sufficient and we're looking for revenue generating opportunities.

Hands together to represent partners


We're open to finding complimentary partners that will secure our long term future

The future belongs to those who believe in the Beauty of their dreams

Join us in dreaming and share with us the realisation of a new tomorrow.........