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2021 A year of Vaccination!

Many of us are looking forward to 2021 with an anticipation that vaccinations will roll out and save us from the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.

To vaccinate: is to give a small dose of what is needed to protect the receiver from a potentially life-threatening virus, and that is the same process, or principle, by which philanthropy operates.

In the ‘pause’ of 2020 we have seen so many changes to what was our “normal” way of life, and that “normal” has very much been called into question.

We are now, hopefully, on the cusp of venturing into a new normal, and although what that means is still unclear, we can seek for ourselves what part we might play in making the world a better and safer place for all.

We might even explore the possibility of leaving behind a ‘normal’ that was driven by selfish greed and expanding into a more empathetic future whereby we acknowledge that we too can vaccinate others that need what we already have.

There are some wonderful examples of change that have come into our lives during the past twelve months, alongside the tragedies and the losses that we have experienced; and to bring light out of the darkness we are learning to work together and reach out across borders, even at times of self-isolation.

There might be some apprehension as we realise ‘Life will not be the same again’; but of course, life never is the same.

‘Now’ is always the time to embrace change and as we look to a New Year, now is also a time of making resolutions, a time when we reflect on improvements we can make in our lives (and maybe even in the lives of others).

Perhaps in 2021, we will address the headlines of greed, and we will play a small part in bringing our vaccine to others, for many in the world are praying; and what they are praying for is what we already have in abundance.

When it is your turn and someone, a health worker, gives you a little jab so you have the protection you need... then

think about giving a little to those who might receive life from you, a little vaccination to those who are suffering from the pandemic caused by greed.

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