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A little goes a long way!

“You can’t have your cake and eat it!” is a refrain that does not do much for me, in fact I live much of my life seeking to disprove its reality.

Rather than embrace a worldview of scarcity, I live in a wonderland of abundance; like many, I have more than what I really need, so in many ways I eat cake and still have cake!

Once we encounter our place of abundance, we also discover that we can make a difference in the world, and we only have to do little things to make a big difference.

In March, our GlobalGiving ‘partner’ runs a “little by little” campaign and the idea is to encourage small donations that when taken collectively will make a big difference; it’s a campaign that fits my own reality.

The GlobalGiving organisation match every small donation with a 50% bonus, and by doing the math is easy to see how this can add up to something significant.

If we can find 100 individuals who will give $50, that’s a ‘little’; however, 100 X $50 plus 50% gives us $7,500 and that would give two kids an education and a home for a year... That’s a BIG difference. (you can check out more about the campaign on the website)

And, once we experience ‘making a difference’ our worldview changes; we grumble less about inadequate politicians and become more involved in bringing about change through our own actions.

I remember an inspirational talk by David Fanshaw(an unusual English composer), he was talking about individuals realising their potential, and he said that at the end of life 98% of people will reflect on “if only”, and only 2% will reflect on what they’ve done

I’ve often thought about his comments as my life is filled with ‘if only’ possibilities; and at the same time, I look ahead to see what I can do, where I can make a difference.

At any point in time our greatest work might be birthed and we too might become part of David’s 2%.

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