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A mother’s love is Divine love.

August 15th - My mother. I call her GG. She left us today. Allaha place her highest place in Jannah (heaven) .Aameen [Raja]

Raja and his family are very much in our thoughts and hearts as he grieves for his mother’s death from Covid-19 in Kashmir. Raja has travelled home to Kashmir to be with his father and family at this sad and difficult time.

We might also reflect on (and give thanks for) the gift of love and recognise the place of “a mother’s love” in the whole act of creation.

The creation of IGWR-Nepal is very much Raja’s initiative and his “gift”; he has given ‘a mother’s love’ to over 100 children in Nepal; nurturing, teaching, caring, healing and loving them so that they might have a better future.

Surely his ‘gift’ and his ‘giving’ reflects what he received from GG, from his mother.

As children our first encounter with love (God is Love) usually comes from our family, and as we grow, we realise that the activity of love is what gives life to the whole of creation. Love is never restricting, never possessive, but rather is forever reaching out to embrace all; and it is that reaching out that Raja demonstrates in the ‘family’ of IGWR-Nepal.

IGWR is not so much a charity, nor a philanthropic exercise; it is the activity of love, a natural expression of humanity at its best.

For many of the children supported by IGWR, we are their understanding of ‘a mother’s love’ and we are blessed with so many “mother’s”; those who look after the daily needs of the kids in Nepal and those who sponsor that same work from around the world.

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