• Peter Humphris

A New Year Diet for 2022

New year resolutions often see people starting a new diet, especially after a Christmas binge; it is an almost unconscious desire to reshape ourselves for a new future that is better than that of the past.

However, perhaps this year is different; for Climate Change and the Covid Pandemic have awakened us to the reality that a new future for each of us is very much linked to the new future for all of us.

So how should we approach 2022, what reshaping can we participate in, and how might we approach 2022 considering all that has challenged us in the recent past?

Step One – “Know Thyself”

A stock-take or reality check is always a good starting point.

Those of us in the richest 10% of people on the planet are better placed than most to make a real difference and reshape the future.

Be aware of the patterns, habits and expectations that drive our way of living; and discover if we are being driven toward having more than we need (even more than we really want).

Consider if we give more than we take or take more than we give in all aspects of our life.

Step Two – Take a step!

Our unconscious is good at resisting change, and yet taking just one step in a new direction is the beginning of a new and reshaped tomorrow.

And this first step is the hardest, many will be unable to take it.

Be playful, explore opportunities to make a difference and most importantly choose one; any one to make a start.

Into 2022

As we enter 2022 many of us will be having a BOOSTER shot, for our Covid vaccination; and so, let’s look ahead to a year in which we also seek to BOOST the lives of others.

One of the great lessons coming from 2021 is that if we don’t share vaccines with those that can’t afford them in the world, then the disease will mutate.

And that’s also a lesson for life, for as we share of our abundance, so we create life and overcome dis-ease in the world.

Moving into 2022 there are so many “what if’s” and so much uncertainty, but that’s always the case as we look to the future.

When we participate in creating, rather than looking at, the future we become part of a new certainty as we make decisions that steer us all toward a better tomorrow.

May your journey this year be boosted by knowing that the part you play is amazingly important and may that knowing bring peace and joy to you and to many.

And a Postscript:

If you are in the richest 10%, can you give an extra $22 each week?

Would you start a new direct debit...

to give IGWR a BOOST?

It could give a child in Nepal the opportunity to go to school!

(150 people making this commitment equates to the whole IGWR-Nepal budget)

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