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A silver lining in the Covid cloud?

Is there a silver lining in the Covid-19 cloud?

As we continue to weather the Covid storm we’re probably all pondering the eventual outcomes: when will we encounter a new normal, and what changes will that mean to the expectations we had pre-Covid?

In Australia we have been “lucky”, however I wonder what our situation would look like if we shared a border with India?

“Nepal’s close relationship with India helped make it vulnerable. India has long been its most important trade and transit partner, and the two nations share a deep cultural bond across a porous 1,100-mile border. Nepal’s devastation mirrors that of its big neighbor — from patients spilling out into hospital corridors and onto lawns, to long lines at oxygen refilling facilities, to a government unprepared for crisis.” [The Economic Times – 12th August 2021]

The sponsors and supporters of the children that are looked after by IGWR-Nepal have had a huge impact on shielding these children from the Covid storm; and those of us with friends in Nepal have also been called on outside of IGWR’s activities to support families that have lost incomes, lost jobs and sadly also lost family members.

And the more involved we become, the more we see that we each (and all) have a part to play in the unfolding of humanity and the discovery of the ‘silver lining’ in today’s cloudy skies.

As billionaires engage in space tourism during the current world storms, we might begin to appreciate that money alone is not the silver lining.

What we do with our time, talents and money is, ironically, very much up in the air since Covid has changed our expectations and our daily life patterns.

To discover the ‘silver lining’, we might need to look at ourselves, to seek the part we play, review the part we expected to play, and consider the part that is maybe now being asked of us.

And for IGWR-Nepal, as for ourselves, we need to look closely at all that we do and determine ways that we can better support and provide for the kids in our care.

Covid has given us all some insight nudges, reminders of vulnerability, questions about where we are going, or not going due to restrictions, our relationships and closeness to others, and the reality that one person can infect another (both positively and negatively).

Perhaps as we share our responses to these nudges, we’ll discover a ‘silver lining’, and we will find ourselves as part of its unfolding.

Ujjwal, Swikrite and Roshme, our SEE graduates. Best of luck for your future.

The sky is your limit, be limitless.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

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