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Christmas; can it last for more than one day?

The ‘event’ of Christmas has, over the years, been distorted both by the Church and by various commercial interests; but, its very essence holds a promise that gives us hope and a blueprint for moving into a post-Covid new normal.

When we rediscover the story of Santa (St Nicholas), we find someone who did no Christmas shopping and whose focus was not on his own family, but rather on sharing his wealth with those who were in need.

Likewise, the iconic Nativity narrative is much more than a story of someone’s birthday, it gives us an image of coming together to bring new life to birth, it is a story that points us toward re-creation in every moment. Just what we need in the current lockdown.

IGWR-Nepal is supported by many St Nicks, and our monthly supporters are very much at the manger in the Nativity story. Regular monthly donors are the pulse that beats life into the work of IGWR.

A monthly commitment enable us to plan and meet our commitments, and, it gives our supporters a lasting Christmas experience; for throughout the year their ‘giving’ brings life to children in need, children that would not have an education without their generosity.

Christmas is perhaps a ‘Miracle Story’, and at IGWR-Nepal, our students work hard every day to make their “miracles” come true. Our monthly donors support their efforts, and invest in their potential, so they can build pathways out of poverty.

At this wonder-filled time of year, we share together and give thanks that together we are making a real difference, we’re making miracles happen.

And for those who would like to join us at the manger, and bring life to birth, please check out the GlobalGiving bonus campaign, for now is the best time of year to become a monthly donor

for GlobalGiving campaign details follow the link:

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