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Come Fly with Me!

‘Normally’ (that’s pre-Covid), I would be booking a trip to Nepal at this time of year, looking forward to catching up with the kids and the team of IGWR-Nepal.

But, like many, Covid-19 has curtailed travel plans for the last two years.

We are still able to keep in touch via regular Skype/Zoom meetings, but it is not the same as being there and renewing our sense of what a wonderful difference our giving creates in the lives of the nearly sixty children we care for.

We are very aware of the challenges being faced in Nepal and this quote from a 32-year-old woman sums up the situation:

Even if food items were available in the market, food prices were increased by 4 times, and we could not afford

it. I have two children and I need to earn money each day to provide food to my family otherwise we have to sleep without food. I have no alternative source of income. In our community, we have 30–40 households that are severely affected by this. It is a really very terrible situation for poor families like ours.”

Raja and the team in Nepal are meeting these challenges daily, and have been ensuring our children are safe, cared for and home-schooled during the recent restrictions.

This year, like last year, I have donated my usual airfare to help our team in Nepal meet these challenging times.

Maybe I can’t go to Nepal to help out, but I can still help out and be a part of the effort that will see us through these difficult times.

My airfare alone will cover the annual schooling fees for one of our younger kids.

It’s a great initiative that Raja suggested in his recent letter to our friends and supporters, and so I thought I’d add my support and at the same time invite you to “come fly with me”.

There is a circle of kids in Kathmandu that would love to see us, they would like nothing better than for us to fly there and visit....

But giving them our airfares is perhaps the next best thing.

And for those doing it hard at home, maybe you can only give a little, and that’s just as important; take a look at our Little by Little campaign; from September 13th for 5 days you can get a 50% bonus on all donations under US$50.

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