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We can climb Everest every day

Tim Macartney-Snape climbed Everest for the second time with an extra degree of difficulty, he started at sea level in the Bay of Bengal and so walked through Bangladesh and India, then into Nepal and up to the summit of Everest.

I've just finished reading Tim's book which is an account of his extraordinary climb. The effort involved is beyond my imagination and something hard to even contemplate.

As he travels from sea to summit Tim reflects on the inner journey as he struggles with the actual reality of the journey he is on .

Although outwardly walking (and climbing) as an adventure and an extremely demanding feat of endurance, Tim discovers that his expedition parallels the journey of life itself, a seeking of higher enlightenment that takes us beyond the confines of our culture.

In Giving to others so to we discover more of our humanity.

Our working with the Children of IGWR in Nepal is like being a part of a family; there is so much to learn and discover, and I've been blessed with 'summit moments' that have brought out the best in me.

When Tim describes reaching the summit of Everest, I remembered moments of shared love, shared blessing, that were as timeless and as beautiful as the view Tim described.

So, although we might not look that fit, perhaps we too climb Everest every day..

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