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Precarious momentum

As we move toward 2020 so we reflect on ten years of "IGWR Nepal"

Watching Sunita (Nepal Board member and House Manager) give a Tika blessing to the children during this auspicious Tihar holiday season, reminds me of what a blessing the children are to us and to our supporters and sponsors.

The reality of "In Giving We Receive" is to be found in these everyday moments; and if we can be attentive to that reality so we become attentive to the blessings we have.

There is another reality that needs attending to for IGWR and that is the constant demand of our commitments and meeting our budget.

Ten Years without any debts.

There is a delight in knowing that for ten years we have 'managed', however it is precarious momentum that keeps us moving. Next month I will visit Nepal again, together with Maureen who manages the finances for IGWR Inc. and together with Raja we will be looking at strategies to build on the momentum we have, to become smarter and to engage and enroll others in our endeavours.

One recurrent inspiration (and perhaps a key to future strategy) is the feedback from visitors who see first hand what is being achieved on the ground in Kathmandu.

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