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Adventure is where we discover ourselves.

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Len and Matt leave for Nepal mid October taking a group for a photo tour of Kathmandu and then doing a two week trek.

As part of this "Walk on the Wild Side" tour, the group will visit IGWR Nepal and have an opportunity to see what is being achieved; so we're looking forward to some great photos of the Kids later in the month.

The tour has been arranged so that any profit from the expedition will be a donation to IGWR. From past experience with 'tour groups', we delight in the response that the team in Nepal receive.

Last year a group of Senior high school students, who had trekked to Everest Base Camp, visited our House 1 for an afternoon of interaction with the children. Many of them remarked that it was even more rewarding than their trip to Everest .

What is so inspiring

For me, and my involvement with IGWR, there has been an awakening of the inner soul that is our truest being; and when I hear from visitors that they too discover something within themselves when they visit us in Nepal, I'm delighted that this experience is both real and also a sign of our common humanity.

Away from the day-to-day pattern of life and being a stranger in another culture asks something of us, and that ask can lead to wonderful discoveries.

In Giving We Receive

We invite you to share with us in this rewarding initiative; and together  make a difference in the lives of these vulnerable children


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