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Covid-19 situation report from Nepal.

Report from Raja [IGWR-Nepal country Director]

“Here in Nepal situation is getting worst day by day. Yesterday we had 1215 cases in Nepal. These cases are confirmed after testing, there might thousands other who are not tested nor have been identified.

So far, the government of Nepal has put some new rules in place, namely:

  1. School, colleges, and universities are closed until 13th May.

  2. No one can have big gatherings.

  3. Not more than 25 people can attend party, marriage, conference etc.

  4. Not more than 5 people can gather at one place.

  5. Public parks and museums are closed.

The Government of Nepal is also providing vaccines on priorities basis. People are not taking this seriously. You can see people walking without masks and not following SOP’s.

We are taking precautions as much as possible. We do have enough stock of masks and sanitizers. We have also stored one-month of extra food in case government might go for full lockdown. The prices have gone up again but no shortage of anything.

The situation in India is awfully bad. From last week, consistently, India is getting 280 K positive cases every day. Again, these are confirmed after testing yet there might be thousands more around.

Bagwati’s hostel is closed, and she is coming back from India tonight by Bus. In her hostel all the working staff are being infected. Soon after Bagwati arrives in Kathmandu we will run covid test on her and she will be in home quarantine for 10 days.

Our other 3 students went to India again to give final exams but due to big Hindu festival local government postponed the universities exams the day they arrived in college. Now they got stuck there and they don’t know what will happen with them until government makes a new plan.

From last week I am trying to make sure our students are safe and bring them home safely.

Stay Safe and keep us in your prayers.” Raja

In “normal” times the work of Raja and the team in Nepal is amazing, and now, during the current Covid-19 situation that work is more demanding and more challenging.

We’re also in the middle of a new budget/planning cycle and are currently facing a $60,000 shortfall for our commitments in the 2021-22 financial year.

So, together with much of the world we are facing challenging times; and as we’ve discovered with Covid-19, the answer to such challenges lies in helping one another.

So, 2021-22 is the year we very much need to find more sponsors, and find those who can help us out, and maybe this is the year that others will be seeking opportunities to help others.

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