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Decisions are blowing in the wind!

What a year! 2020 has certainly been eventful, even if most ‘events’ have been cancelled.

And perhaps we are all facing decisions that are being asked of us as we try and plot a course forward, knowing that the way ahead is likely to be different to the path we had planned at this time last year.

For IGWR-Nepal the decision-making process seems to be forever filled with unexpected variables, and that’s a culmination of working with so many children and also the state of governance throughout Nepal.

As we look toward an uncertain future, maybe we look again with the wonder of little children, for in reality every future is uncertain, and both Climate Change and Covid-19 may have reawakened this perspective for some(or many) of us who were ‘set in our ways’.

The team in Nepal seek to discern the best way forward for each and everyone of the children we support, and that is quite a difficult task.

By way of example: in February 2016, following a family request, we took on the support of two girls who had just finished grade six in a local school in the remote district of Dolpa. Now, four years later they’ve completed year ten.

So, what’s next!

Initially we were looking at further education, and that would have required $25,000 of additional sponsorship.

We then looked more closely at their academic performance and questioned if further education was in fact a best option. When family members were also consulted, they decided to have the girls return to their village, and so we are still left wondering “what’s next”!

Every time we have a change of life direction, a change of expectation or an unexpected outcome, we have to look again at what we are doing. We look back to the decisions that have taken us to where we are, and we then look into the uncertainty of tomorrow; so, what criteria can help us I determining a path forward?

Like the children we support, we must all seek to find lessons in life’s changing landscape; and at the same time seek to maintain an alignment that will enable us to go forwards.

We have some guiding principles that provide a compass as we wrestle with decisions, and our mission statement gives us an indication of direction;

Day-by-day decisions are very much made in the same way that every home makes its way forward; a loving guiding hand to keep everything on track; however the overall direction and future of IGWR-Nepal also calls us to consider bigger questions, and as we hope for a post-Covid future these bigger questions are what we shall be looking at.

We are shaped by the support of many supporters, volunteers and sponsors; and together they inspire our work and create possibilities for the children we support.

If you would like to share this support or engage more in shaping the work of IGWR-Nepal we would love to hear from you.

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