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Un-muddled Media!

Negotiating a path through today's media offerings opens up so many opportunities and at the same time requires a whole new skill-set.

The last few month's has been filled with many learning curves, Google Ads, Webinars, Crowd-funding, Google Analytics, Facebook advertising, Blogs and even a conference call from Digital Ninjas.

We are discovering new ways of connecting and at the same time experiencing a degree of connection that was previously only found in close village communities.

As we seek to build a more co-ordinated approach to our IGWR digital presence we are mindful that sponsors and volunteers are very much part of a family with common concerns, aspirations and values.

Our World View

Obviously we are shaped and influenced by the media we read and watch, and our powers of discernment are put to the test each time we encounter 'false news'.

A question that is valuable for us as we seek to improve our IGWR media presence is are we also able to give shape to a better more valuable worldview?

What we discover in working with the team and the children in Nepal is very much worth sharing, for if it is an experience that brings out the best in us, then, perhaps, by sharing these experiences we can bring out the best in a wider world view.

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