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Have you got 20/20 vision?

Can you believe it, we’re heading into a new decade; seems like only yesterday that we were worrying about the Y2K bug, and that was now 20 years ago.

So, like many we’re already planning for 2020; and wondering if we have 20/20 vision.

Each year we might consider we’re given an opportunity for a new beginning, the new year does not mean the old one continues, it could be quite different.

For IGWR the new year asks a lot of us all, and it asks more than it did last year.

Imagine making your New Year’s resolutions when you have a family of sixty-five children!

One thing is sure for 2020, we will only achieve our outcomes together with the continued support of all those who contribute to the effort. And we will work toward extending that community both for the benefit we can then provide to the children in our care, AND significantly to the change in life perspective for those contributing; these are both amazing outcomes.

So, take time over the next few days to think about the part you will play in 2020.

Many will look at dieting, exercise programs and new habits for the new year; however, to be creative of a better tomorrow, we need only look at what can we give to make life better for all.

When I look to the future I am aware that my 'better tomorrow' is very much dependant on "our" better tomorrow, and so I continue to discover what more can I give?

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