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I slept and I dreamed that life is all joy.

As we remain somewhat "out of touch" during the Covid-19 lockdowns, so, we also find ourselves seeking to be 'in touch' with what these strange times mean.

Our dream landscape can give us clues to the experiences we are encountering, our wandering thoughts also point us in various directions, and yet we might still feel somewhat lost in the strangeness and uncertainty of the present times.

In times of change we are asked to look at ourselves in new ways, and open ourselves to new possibilities.

No longer are the "normal" expectations of life's milestones the way forward, for the way forward is yet to be written.

And certainly the "American dream" can now be seen as a nightmare birthed in self-interest, greed and fear.

This quote from George Bernard Shaw is part of a larger discourse that makes a lot of sense, and it encourages us to consider the part we play in the unfolding of the future.

The 'pre-covid normal' sought to keep us away from such thoughts and to hand over responsibility to governments that we could then complain about.

Perhaps, the 'post-covid normal' will be determined by the part we play in the creation of a new tomorrow.

Our children, all children, are very much reminders that the future is handed on to others. Our role, and our responsibility is to create their foundations, to give them something to continue building on.

To see ourselves as part of an ongoing story, to see that we are part of a whole and not an individual with limited life, is to glimpse the essence of eternity.

And Covid-19 has given us a great reminder that we are very much connected, we are certainly all connected as far as the Coronavirus is concerned; and as soon as we isolate, we find ourselves disconnected, it is very much a not-normal way to be.

So, back to the title, and to our dreams; for the title is part of a quote by Kahlil Gibran, a delightful quote for our times and one that points to a new normal for humanity.

Check out some pics of the happy kids that we 'serve' in Nepal on the "our children" page under "About us"

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