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IGWR says Thank You “Mum”.

Our team in Nepal are blessed with “mothers”, and so the kids we care for have an abundance of love, and a delightful team of great role models with which to begin their journeys through life.

Our three housemothers are a gift; they look after the day-to-day living needs of the students and keep house so that the kids have a real home to enjoy.

Sachina Tamang, Puja Sunar, Radhika Sunar, we thank you for all you give and acknowledge that the kids you care for, that we care for, will grow into a better tomorrow guided by your loving care.

And our housemothers are further supported by Sabnam and Sunita who work with Raja to ensure the overall needs of the children and the operations of IGWR-Nepal are maintained to best-practice standards.

Motherhood is slowly gaining the appreciation it deserves, and more and more the world is discovering that women in leadership positions have so much to offer, and a different offering to the white male perspective that has so far permeated the development of our civilisation.

With a more ‘motherly’ leadership on the global stage we can look forward with optimism, and look forward to more compassionate tomorrow, a more just and equitable tomorrow, and a future that is birthed more in love than fear.

Certainly, in countries like Nepal, that still is a very male dominated culture, we’re blessed with role models at IGWR that reflect and demonstrate the value of women and mothers; our children will see beyond the cultural stereotypes and that gives them a wonderful perspective with which to explore the world and become their best selves.

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