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Our newest board member...

Introducing Dr Hillary Wallace who has joined the committee of IGWR Inc. and who will be a real asset in contributing to the life and work of IGWR-Nepal.

We are an organisation that is supported and directed by a great team of volunteers, professionals who believe in making a real difference.

Hilary has worked with organisations in Nepal who empower women against violence and has facilitated training in child-centred play therapy for helping children who have experienced trauma. She has knowledge of the responsibilities and governance of organisations involved in children’s activities outside Australia.

Hilary has been connected with the IGWR family informally for nearly 10 years, making several visits to IGWR’s children’s programs and being very impressed by the children’s development and care of each other. She is really looking forward to the opportunity of joining the IGWR team and supporting the continued delivery of high-quality services to children and families through Raja and IGWR-Nepal.

We are so pleased to have Hillary share in the IGWR story, it is an unfolding journey that goes beyond traditional "charity work", for in our 'giving' to others we discover the better part of ourselves, and that discovery leads us, inspires us, to seek that better part of the whole of humanity.

In a world that seems so fractured in so many places, it is sometimes difficult to see that we can change things for the better.

But the real experience of all involved with IGWR, and the beauty that we have discovered is that we can (each and all) make a real difference in the world.

We all know of 'others' that make a difference, and we often think it is up to others to do those things we know could create a better tomorrow; however, when we discover that we too can create a better tomorrow then we truly shine, and we live a life that is so much more fully alive.

Welcome Hillary

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