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Pause ... then Resume or Restart?

I guess most of us have been forced to 'PAUSE' our normal lifestyle during this period.

The strange times of the Covid-19 pandemic have given us lockdowns, isolation, job losses, business closures, working from home, no school, no holidays or outings, and sadly the tragic loss of friends and family... etc.

At the same time the planet seems to be breathing a sigh of relief.... it is getting a rest from the noise and destruction that our 'normal' lifestyle inflicted.

During this 'pause' we are almost forced into a place of re-evaluation, our doubts, fears, loves and aspirations are all called into question.

And perhaps the biggest question we are pondering is what happens after the pause?

Do we hit the 'RESUME' key or do we hit the 'RESTART' button?

To resume is to carry on as we were, as if nothing happened; and to restart is to engage in a new beginning, to perhaps seek a different direction or to engage a different pattern for life.

Personally, I'm stunningly optimistic and I'm opting for the RESTART option; however I'm not yet clear what that means for me!

One lesson that Covid-19 has made clear to us all is that our lives and our wellbeing are dependant on others, we do not stand (or fall) by our own effort; rather the well- being of all determines the wellbeing of each of us.

As we engage the pandemic so we are seeking to find answers that benefit the whole, not just the individual.

And maybe during this time of 'pause' we might also appreciate that many in the world have been wrestling with other pandemics for many years; the pandemics of poverty, corruption, greed, self-interest etc.

Around the world we are witnessing different governments tackle the issues of covid-19, some stand out as successful and resourceful (usually demonstrating empathy and compassion) and others look completely ineffective.

For each of us we too need to consider our own engagement with the opportunity this pause presents us with.

Maybe we will be part of making a different and better world, maybe we can really make a difference!

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