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Reach out and Touch by Diana Ross

"Reach out and touch Somebody's hand, Make this world a better place If you can"

These lyrics from Diana Ross are a fitting song for the creative changes we're making together in Nepal.

And they came to mind as I was thinking of Sharda, the wonderful mum that looks after two disabled and very special girls.

Three months ago, we committed to a new "Foster Home" project [follow the link under 'our work' on the homepage].

We have a delightful couple of supporters that have committed to underwriting this initiative for the first two years and they are busily raising funds to meet that commitment.

However, creating a family home, especially for disabled girls that will always need full-time care is a life-long commitment, and so our focus now is to tell this wonderful story in a way that will engage others.

In the coming two years we must ensure that we can find enough support to ensure that this wonderful mum will be able to continue caring for the girls in the home we have provided.

In today’s world we all face many challenges, and both ‘Covid-19’ and ‘Climate Change’ show us that these challenges are universal.

Those with disabilities, those who are poor and those without welfare support face even bigger challenges than most of us.

What is also clear is that we each have a part to play in meeting the world’s challenges, be it getting vaccinated, recycling; or helping others less fortunate than we are.

And as we choose to make a difference in the lives of others, so too our own life is changed. When we bring light and life to those living in the shadows so we bring the same into our own lives.

Our Budget for the 'foster care family home' over the next ten years is around $120,000.

That sounds a lot BUT, imagine 20 regular supporters and then it’s only $50 a month.

"Reach out and touch Somebody's hand, Make this world a better place If you can"

When I think of Diana Ross, a beautiful woman with a wonderful talent comes to mind; and perhaps that's why the song came up in this context.

Sharda is a wonderful mum, with a beautiful gift of caring for two very special children. She very much gives them life each and every day.

But, one can only do so much, and so we're telling her story, sharing her song so that others might "reach out and touch", and change the world.

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