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The Irony of Keeping in Touch

Just as we’re busy finalising the plans for the K.I.T “Night in Nepal” event, we have to cancel and respect the health advice for ‘social distancing’; ironically K.I.T stands for Keep In Touch.

And as we ‘embrace’ the new world that C-19 has thrust upon us, we might find an opportunity to discover what “being in touch” is really all about.

"To touch can be to give life."

Michelangelo in "Hands on Research: The Science of Touch"

As we find ourselves spending more time at home and forced away from the social interactions (or distractions) of entertainment and shopping, we might take time to reflect on the value of ‘touch” in our lives and also become aware of how we touch the lives of others.

The coronavirus reaches out without any visa restrictions, it jumps the Trump walls and slips through the fences that deny refugees a place to live. C-19 shows us (once again) that “no one is an Island”, we are all a part of one Divine story, we are all touched by the lives of others and our life is therefore very much connected to the well-being of all.

We can keep in touch via our mobile phones, Skype, Facebook and 1001 other Apps and devices; and that’s going to be very important in the coming weeks; however, we will need also need to take time to rediscover life’s beauty in the silence of being still.

What are the values that touch us at the deepest core of our being, who are the people that inspire us to reach out beyond selfishness and give something of ourselves to another in need?

Where are we touched, where does our heart overflow with tears?

Take time, do not be afraid, now is a time to reach out, and also reach within,

a time to follow the lessons of the virus:

* extend beyond the borders of self-interest

* seek to touch everyone with your very being

* acknowledge difference and diversity but don’t discriminate

and whatever we discover, however we experience this new world...

Keep In Touch

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