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The ‘Three Kings’ who missed Bethlehem

Trump, Boris and Modi all ‘kings’ of their respective kingdoms, but all three are very unlike the "We Three Kings” of the Nativity story.

What these three have in common is that they’ve had to invent an enemy in order to look good and powerful, and all three have created a fear of Muslims

in order to look superior.

Using insults like ‘letterbox’ to describe someone in traditional costume is reminiscent of the practice of school-yard bullies.

Taking away or denying rights to those ‘different’ from us is a sign of inherent

weakness and fear, it is the antithesis of what was illustrated by the wise ‘Three

Kings’ in the nativity.

Raja “meaning: King; an Indian or Malay princely title”, is the name of our IGWR-Nepal director, and his story aligns well with that of the ‘Three Wise Kings” from the Nativity.

To be led by a light, a star from above (rather than fear) and to seek to give of oneself to the child in the manger, the vulnerable child in need of care and sustenance is what being a true ‘King’ is all about.

January 6th is the feast celebrating the arrival of the “We Three Kings”, take a moment look through and see what Raja is achieving and then be a king yourself and make a gift to help us support ‘the child in the manger’.

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