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December 1st (Advent 1) and, according to the mythical nativity story, the three Kings set out following a star into far off lands; they carried gifts with them and so it was a journey of 'giving'.

December 6th is celebrated as the feast of St Nicholas (Santa) another legendary figure who would leave home at night and leave small bags of gold at the homes of the poor and needy.

And December 11th is the 70th Birthday of Maureen (our treasurer), another one who travels through life with a generosity of 'giving'.

Maureen does more than balance books and produce spreadsheets (that's just her exercise) she 'gives' her time, talents and passion in seeking to bring life to others, and in doing so she makes a difference to our work in Nepal, her other communities in Australia, her family and to us all.

Makes one wonder if the 'King' who carried the gold to the manger in the Christmas story was actually the treasurer!

As we journey toward Christmas that same attitude of 'giving' is awakened in many countries around the world, maybe we all should look beyond our immediate family and friends, and like the 'three wise Kings' seek to bring life to those in far off lands, and like St Nicholas bring gifts to those who are really in need.

Maybe we could make a reality of the Christmas myth, and then happily do what our treasurer does; enjoy a glass of champagne.

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