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Urgent Covid-19 Relief

Raja needs some help with immediate maintenance work that is required for the water treatment facilities at IGWR House One (home to 16 children).

With Nepal still very much in lockdown and our children at home 24/7, we face many challenges to keep them safe and to continue their schooling from home.

We are all facing various challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic, and learning that it is in helping and caring for eachother that we are very much looking after ourselves as well.

Please take a moment to see if you can help, a small donation from many might be a little gesture, but it will make a lot of difference to the kids in IGWR House One.

Raja runs us through what's required in the one minute video below

If you would like to know more and see the full details for what is required please click here.

and if you are able to donate any amount to help us out please click here.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic there have been many positive stories about how people have coped, adapted, improvised and most importantly have helped others; it's not a pleasant situation around the world at present, and yet it is pointing us toward a better future.

Raja and the team in Nepal have had an orientation toward others, and toward the future well before Covid-19, perhaps the world is now catching on and soon we'll all be investing in the education of kids that have no opportunity without our help.

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