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US stocks fall 7.6% in worst day since December 2008

Covid-19, like Climate Change, is one of those global glitches that cause us to look again at where we are at, and where we’re going.

The ‘normal’ routine is questioned and for many that means a revaluation of what they invest in, both in financial terms and also in lifestyle terms.

Each time the world pauses, I wonder if we’re given an opportunity to take another step, a different step; I wonder if we are being urged to a higher view of life.

Climate Change and Covid-19 are both universal, they don’t differentiate based on race, gender, age or any other ‘difference’. And perhaps, as they are ‘shared’ phenomenon, we too should be looking at a more shared lifestyle in response to these life-changing phenomena.

The ‘norm’ for investments has gone beyond what we really need for living, to a dream that has been ramped up over-and-over so many times that we’re now chasing our tails in acquiring stuff for future landfills.

2020 suggests a measure of vision, Covid-19 asks us to look again at our travel plans, maybe reinvent the journey we had planned.

In a world largely devoid of ethical investments, there is one story that speaks volumes for where we might better invest; it concludes with “store not your excess food in cupboards, rather store it in the mouths of the hungry”.

My most satisfying life investment (financially) is not found in bricks and mortar, nor in a share portfolio, rather, I’ve invested in the education of kids in Nepal, those who would otherwise not have an education.

If you are looking at blue chip future investments, I can recommend sharing your wealth in order that others might join in creating wealth.

Humanity is being urged toward a journey that shares wealth like a virus, and that changes the climate of Those who have and those who 'have not'.

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