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Was it Christmas in July?

We had two 'events' in July, and both were very important to the ongoing operations of IGWR-Nepal.

We needed a hand to top up our budget and to respond to Raja's request for relief as we had to install a new water filtration system and hot water system for the IGWR house one, which is home for some sixteen kids.

We planned for the GlobalGiving Bonus Day, and we also sent out a request through our email networks and via social media.

However, it is only when we receive a response that we can actually appreciate the 'helping hand' that reached out.

And we had a great response... it was like "Christmas in July".

So a big thank you from all of us, and the results are shown below; but you will also see the reality of making a difference if you stay tuned and check in again later to see the pictures that show what has been achieved.

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