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Where do we learn the important things in Life?

With 65 children in full-time education, from Kindy thru to final year Medical College, we see day-by-day both what our children achieve and more importantly ‘how’ they achieve.

It is always a delight for both kids and the whole IGWR family to see students proudly showing their certificates; here we can see Bigyan with 3rd place in Handwriting, Sandesh with 3rd place in Solo Dance and Sallu with 1st place in Singing.

However, we are keenly aware that overall the School system in Nepal (and in many countries) is very much a place of basic rote learning, which is why we provide the School+Plus program that gives kids a much broader framework in which to explore and develop.

Consider for a moment what you learnt at school, and how much you have forgotten, and what has really stayed with you!

Most of us remember the values (or not) of various teachers, we often talk about what our parents did and who they were, rather than what they ‘taught’ us.

It is important to realise that “children learn more from what you are than what you teach”.

It is a sobering reminder to every parent, guardian and teacher, and one that is readily evidenced when we meet the children of friends and colleagues. We can learn so much about the parents from seeing what their children have ‘picked up’.

We do much of our growing and developing throughout life by ‘following’ the example of those we look up to, those who provide us with an example of life that somehow echoes the arrow of our soul.

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