School+Plus Program

Children living in poverty are deprived of attention, homework help, and good nutrition; often there is only one parent, and usually the parents are working or looking for ways to survive the poverty trap..

After their school day ends, children return to their homes and spend the rest of the day with nothing to do, no one to connect with, and a debilitating lack of stimulation to engage their minds. 

girl having meal after school


A healthy meal

In addition to a healthy meal  every day we give the kids regular medical checks

enjoyingSchool+Plus program


Life Skills

Expanding horizons by going way beyond the rote learning of the classroom

Children in after school program


Team support

The children build confidence as they work/play in a supportive environment that encourages peer support

Our School+Plus program seeks to meet the critical need for connection and support—both physically and mentally.

Our program offers children the opportunity to explore their own ideas, create through art, connect through music, dance, and play games, and most importantly be with people and educators who treat the children as special, unique, and of tremendous worth.

Join Us

We run this program with the support of one off donations.

Now we want to extend the program and are also seeking regular sponsors