Four of our students have finished year 10 and all have done really well...

(actually, Diya will officially finish next year but she's on track to take up nursing as soon as she can)

Now they want to go on and  start toward realising their dreams.

Will you help us, with a regular commitment so we can send them to college

and beyond?


Our 2021 School year 10 leavers










Roshme wants to study 2 years in Management faculty. She wants to work in a challenging business environment, and so will need to well in year 11&12.


Swekriti wants to study 2 years in science faculty. She wanted to work in Paramedic field, such as Pharmacist, physiotherapist, Lab technician and so on. She will decide that later once she will get final grades from Grade 12.


Ujjwal wants to study 2 years in college in Science faculty. He wants to work in a Paramedic field, like Swekriti, or in Information & Technology field.


Diya wants to become Nurse and she really thinks she can be one day and we all believe in her. Our July Bonus Day campaign has secured a full scholarship for Diya


To enable these four to realise their dreams we need some of regular sponsors that together will provide a scholarship for the next step these students want to take.


Roshme, Swekriti and Ujjwal will need two years support so they can complete years 11 & 12 and Swekriti and Ujjwal will need living costs to stay at our IGWR Student house.

And Diya will be supported for three years as she completes her nursing training in a residential medical facility.

nurse training.jpg

$33,100 is a substantial budget!

However when we share the load it becomes manageable, and dreams can become realities.

$33,100 divided by 24 months is $1378 per month


If we can find 28 sponsors that can contribute $50/month the we can give these students a scholarship to go on with their studies.


Please consider joining us in giving these kids a scholarship for just $1.67 a day...

You'll see how they grow, how they achieve and you'll open doors for their future...

You can set up your donation by clicking below, and there are details if you prefer to arrange a direct debit.

If you are  unable to commit to a monthly payment, a one time donation will still help us in getting these kids to college.