There are so many stories that make up the wonderful family of IGWR-Nepal, some precious moments and some deeply moving tragedies and triumphs. Here we are planning to let the children share their story, and create a landscape that sheds light on the beauty of 'giving'.


We first met Bhagawati when she was in year five, and now she's qualified as a Physiotherapist.

She tells her story and it is one that shows how we can share the opportunities we have and enable others who do not have the same opportunities.

She tells her story in a two minute video produced by IGWR-Nepal students....

Gyalsten is now a qualified doctor, and he's thankful for the support from IGWR sponsors that took him through his final two years of high School and then through medical college.

Once again, he's proven that given the opportunity, there is so much that can be achieved.

IGWR-Nepal is all about sharing; giving others the opportunities that we have.

Keyboard and Mouse

Check back again for more stories...

And perhaps join in creating stories for those of us who can give to others become part of their story, and "giving' is very much the act of Divine creation.