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Visitors and Volunteers come to Nepal for  a variety of experiences and encounters.

We're here already, and we're here to help!

Our Travel Desk is a service supported by our hospitality and hotel management graduates.

We can assist with your travel plans before you arrive, and we can very much enhance your experience of Nepal when you arrive.

We do not offer a "fee for service" business; however we anticipate that you will want to donate to the work of IGWR-Nepal if we are able to help and assist you.

Some of our regular sponsors came to Nepal for a trekking experience and when they spent some time in one of the IGWR Homes, they found something even more beautiful than the majestic Himalayas.


How we can help

Hotel or homestay, we can assist and advise with location, and best rates.

We can design tour itineraries and also our university students will be wonderful city guides

Visits to IGWR-Nepal must be pre-arranged and visitors will be accompanied by IGWR-Staff to ensure the safety and security of our students; however every visit will give you the delight of knowing we can all make a difference.

We love having visitors, so contact us to discuss your plans