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Privacy Policy

All information provided by subscribers to our newsletter and all information relating to sponsors and donors is maintained by IGWR Inc.

IGWR Inc. and IGWR-Nepal do not share any personal information [relating to Subscribers, Sponsors, Donors, or individuals associated with the organisation] with any third party.

We respect your privacy.

We are protective of all information relating to the children we support, and we ask that no pictures are copied from this site for use on other media platforms.

It is not uncommon in Nepal for some NGOs and purported 'Orphanages' or 'Schools' to advertise their support for Students/Children that are actually being supported by another organisation.

Some of the Children that are supported by IGWR-Nepal have had previous associations (and support) from organisations that no longer support them.

IGWR-Nepal is not working with, or associated with any other charitable organisations in Nepal.

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