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October 2020

We're still in lockdown, but also still smiling.


Check out our brief newsletter below.

We prepare this brief report for the GlobalGiving contributors that support our GlobalGiving project for the School+Plus program.

This issue is very much a brief sharing of images that show that we are making a difference and that's reflected in some happy faces...


School+Plus and Home Schooling 

A brief update on schooling during lockdown October 2020


Brief AGM Report 

a catch-up on News August 2020

We provide this brief report on the year to one of our sponsors and share it here as it provides a quick read and catch-up on what's been happening.

June 2020 Newsletter

We’re living in strange times.... isolated and yet somehow more aware of others; at times it feels like we’ve paused ‘normal’, and that’s given us a chance to think, or rethink!


In Kathmandu our 60+ kids are living with the same uncertainties that we are, without the safety-net of a welfare system, and with fragile health and support services.

And yet it is not all downside, the air in Kathmandu has improved so much that the mountains are now visible from the city on many occasions.


And perhaps that’s a great metaphor for us to reflect on; during this pause we have an opportunity to see beyond our everyday ‘norm’; we have a chance to reconnect with things somewhat distant, and we are again drawn to the beauty that is always there if only we can see it.


We hope this newsletter gives you some added inspiration as we look together toward a new tomorrow, a better future for all.

March 2020 Newsletter

Coronavirus is already having an impact on the operations of IGWR and our friends....


We’ve had to cancel events & visits planned for March-May:


x Our “Night in Nepal” fundraising party has been cancelled.

x SUMMIT’s “Pure Youth Adventure” tour of Nepal cancelled.

x KB’s Visit to Nepal postponed till further notice.

x Lia, Peter & Leanne’s visit postponed till next year.

x Peter H’s bi-annual visit cancelled.


And Raja has the additional daunting task of caring for our 60+ children/students, which includes making provision for extra cleaning, personal hygiene, health monitoring and social interactions; and ensuring that we have food & necessary supplies as shortages take hold and many business close.


We have to prepare for possible cases of infection and associated requirements for isolation and that will mean taking kids from the IGWR house and placing them in other more isolated premises, with associated care/nursing.


The School+Plus program will be maintained as an in-house program during the current situation to avoid having groups in close quarters; and wherever possible IGWR-Nepal will assist those who need additional support during the coming months.


There are some real challenges that we will have to face.


*Food prices are going up as the selfish panic-buyers take more than they need, and leave others going without.


*Some of our kid’s families will be out of work, and they have no financial reserves, they will need support to keep going.


*The Australian dollar plunged to an 18-year low of 55 US cents as the global economic outlook


*In Australia our focus must be on raising funds to support the IGWR operations and that will require all of us to do that bit more and look for new ways to raise awareness and funds for our work in Nepal.


Remember the “LittleXLittle” Campaign from

9pm Monday March 23rd to 11.59am Saturday March 28th


With the coronavirus outbreak hitting almost every sector in Nepal, it can lead to cut down of 5,210 to 15,880 jobs in the country, depending on how the epidemic develops.

Himalayan Times 7th March

Even though there are no overt signs of a health crisis, Nepal’s economy has already been hit hard and the impact is expected to worsen in the coming months as tourism collapses and air travel is further curtailed.

The Asian Development Bank’s ‘COVID-19 Economic Impact Assessment Template’ released this week lays out the best- and worst-case scenarios for countries in the region. For Nepal, the bank predicts a loss of up to $322 million.

Nepalli Times March 12th

Our full newsletter also has some  more interesting and inspiring stories;

***Read Sallu's story and how she's achieved a full 

     report with A+ for every subject

***Check out Raja's visit to Kasmir

***Reflect on the silver lining associated with Corvid-19

***And discover FOUR things we can do together to

     make a difference in these troubled times

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School+Plus program October Update

In Giving We Receive

We invite you to share with us in this rewarding initiative; and together  make a difference in the lives of these vulnerable children


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Registered Charity: 31 156 195 461

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