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Annual report

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February 2024

news Feb2024
Some of the rough terrain Raja has to negotiate
Rural School that is
seeking support
School Shoes
Raja, happy to be home again...
Pink Sugar

Newsletter December 2023

news dec2023

October 23 - News from Nepal

October 23 news

A three minute music video that shows our 2023 visit to IGWR Nepal

2023 visit

What a delight to visit IGWR Nepal

to see the smiling faces of the children we support

and to be filled with the delightful reality

that we can make a difference

We can give life to others.

October 2023  stories of changed lives

Changed Lives
September 2023 News
0723Shanti news.jpg
sponsor repor
Kavre Project
School infographic
sponsor news

Summit Adventures help start the school year

school shoes

Getting ready for school is quite a challenge when there's a 'Family of Families' to get ready.....

school bag
School supplies
School kids
Ready for school
Summit Adventures

If you want to see more visit


One of our wonderful friends, Olivia, is coming to Nepal in April. She is bringing a group of six from her country. She has done this before and the group always support us. She runs a company called Summit Adventures and they provide memorable 'adventures' in  Nepal.

Olivia is devoted to making a positive impact to the people of Nepal. She’s charismatic, down to earth and thrives on helping people make their own impact. She is a trusted advisor and adventure seeker and will help you experience the pure beauty of Nepal.

She is coming to see our children once again in April on the day before the Nepali New year, and the beginning of the Nepali academic year. Each time she brings a group to Nepal, they contribute funds to go toward a need at the time - this time they offer $1200. She asked us what can we do this time. Well, that is the best time to buy School supplies like School bags, Uniforms, shoes, books, tiffin boxes, and stationery for our school-going children.


We always had issues with school bags often their zips and shoulder strip apart. To solve this problem Raja designed a bag and put a logo of IGWR and Olivia's company name on it.  


She is also bringing around 500 tooth brushes for our kids, their families and Kavre and Nuwakot school.


January 2023 - Newsletter.       Produced by Zoya

A Great start to 2023

New growth

As we start a new year we tend to think of new beginnings and new initiatives called ‘resolutions’; we also look back to the year just past and give thanks for whatever stood out in 2022.


Our ‘family/foster’ home in Nepal is a shining example of an initiative that serves as a working example of what more we can achieve together.


This email exchange illustrates what a great start we have had for our 'Family Home' in 2023

From Raja (in Nepal) to Sponsors (in Australia)

I would like to thank you both for supporting our first ‘Family Home’ for the last eighteen months.


Believe me, the change you have brought in those four girls is incredible and unimaginable. 

An outstanding outcome for the mother, is that previously she was only able to see the girls for a few hours each week since she had work commitments; Sharda said she “never experienced motherhood” as she was seeing herself as a defending wall that’s only job was to feed well the girls and look after their small needs.

Now, since she got a chance to be a full-time mother, she has realized the new definition of being a mother.

From Sponsors (in Australia) to Raja (in Nepal)


Hi Raja,

We are pleased to let you know that we can commit to continuing our contribution to the family home for a further two years until June 2025.

We hope this provides some certainty for the girls.

We probably will not be able to make any firm commitment beyond June 2025. We will be retired by then and we don't really know how much money we will have. It would be great if some other people could share this great work with us, but we don't really have anyone to suggest right now. Hopefully we will find someone to help soon.


From Raja (in Nepal) to Sponsors (in Australia)


If Angels have face, that will be you two.


Now this is called a good beginning of the new year. 

You both must try to visit this year. 

Thank you Thank you for this. You have relived us.

Children's joy

Moments that create life.


Entering my seventy-first ‘New Year’ I fully appreciate that my life is shaped by moments.


The kiss shared with my first love in the gentle snowfall on the night before Christmas, over fifty years ago: laying my head on the shoulder of friend in my later years and remembering how to cry; exchanging a blessing with a fourteen-year-old boy just before he was carried back to his village to die at home.

It is not what we achieve, nor what we possess that really gives us life, rather it is those few intimate moments of ‘giving and receiving’ that hold us in the eternity of love.

And, seeking, creating, and being in, these moments is what living is all about.

A new Year’s resolution.


Our ‘Family Home’ in Nepal is a long-term commitment that gives life and a home to mum and three girls.

And a simple sum shows how, together, we could secure this wonderful initiative:


Just $5 a week

from about forty sponsors

would cover all the expenses for this ‘family’

Mother and daughter
Family celebration
Children together

Thank you 2022 - Welcome 2023

Raja, IGWR Manager
2023 Logo

Greetings from Nepal, and I hope you are enjoying this time of the year.


On behalf of the IGWR Family, I would like to thank you for helping us in 2022 and look forward to you sharing with us in 2023 and the new year ahead.

We have achieved a lot with your support and are able to continue helping kids and their families.

The year 2022 was full of energy and challenges in terms of facing global crises and the effects of the war in Ukraine.

We have all paid and still are paying for these challenges in many ways.


Our board and Friends from Australia visited us in 2022 after nearly after 3 years of isolations due to Covid restrictions.

Kids together
Back home

Matt and Lisa enjoyed their time with the kids and families.


Lia and Peter Hiller brought clothes and gifts for all the IGWR kids, their females, staff, and even Ex-students of IGWR. They took them to many lunches and dinners, and it was a delight for all to catch up.


Peter Humphris, Maureen, and Hillary worked in Office with me, completed an audit and spent time with the kids.


Peter Humphris went to see a few families in their villages as we took some of the children back to relatives to celebrate Desai.


Elyse and Bianca spent 6 weeks with kids every morning, evening, and holiday. They took them for JUMP, and basketball and organized dinner and lunch for them.


Len had a wonderful day with the kids taking them to hills and showing them how the Drone camera works.

It was so good to catch up with everyone and celebrate being together again.

This year we celebrated Eleven Years of IGWR-Nepal, and we are so proud of all we have achieved together.


In 2022 our 3 BBA (Bachelor’s in Business Administration) students Graduated and our 1 BPT (Bachelor’s in Physiotherapy) student Graduated.


At the end of this year, we have 46 students.

          30 in school (Primary & High School)

          5 in College Level

         11 in University Level


Overall the year 2022 was very fruitful and the CREDIT goes to you.

Thank you so much for all you do.

We are looking forward to sharing with you in the year ahead.

Happy New year 2023.

A happy group
2023 logo

December  2022 - News Update

November 2022 - Newsletter.       Produced by Zoya

October 2022 - AGM and Visit Highlights...

AGM Summary

o IGWR-Nepal has been successfully operating for eleven years

o A 15-minute video of memories on YouTube (see link at the bottom)

o The total expenditure to date: AU$1,434,409

o Estimated budget for 2023-2027 is AU$856,840

o Our audit commended Raja on excellent record keeping.

Planning meeting
before and after room decoration

2. Supporting single mums with children

o We are supporting 15 single mums with their children

o The model of a ‘family home’ and finding job opportunities for single

   mums so they have more ‘family time’ is seen as a future focus and

   it enables us to support children in a home/family environment.

o Women’s Empowerment, literacy programs and business start-ups

   can all be part of this initiative.

3. Improved communication and storytelling.

o Zoya (Raja’s daughter) has offered to produce a monthly newsletter,

    and this opens new possibilities for improving our communications

    with sponsors and attracting new interest to our activities.

o There are also opportunities to introduce a ‘blog’, provide regular

    social media postings primarily images and videos to ‘tell our story’.

4. A Family of Families

o Each year, for Nepal’s major festival of Desai, Raja takes as many of the

   kids as possible back to their home villages to connect with relatives.

   This wonderful initiative involves round trips of often 21 hours (600km)

   and it keeps the kids in touch with their own families.

o The kids are always glad to be back at the IGWR-House, for we are very

    much a ‘Family of Families’.

5. Reaching their potential

o What a delight to connect again with those who have ‘graduated’

   from IGWR and are now making their way in their chosen


o Some of the ‘kids’ I first met in year 7 of their schooling are now

   working in the medical, banking, NGO, teaching and hospitality


Traffic jam
Connecting with family
I'm now a teacher
Girl having fun
We look after each other

6. Acknowledgements

o Raja has had a challenging time during the Covid lockdowns; and yet as we

   looked back over eleven years, we again appreciated what amazing work

   he has accomplished.

o Sabnam and Sunita both play vital and important roles in IGWR-Nepal,

    their work, insights and care for the students is awesome.

o The “kids” are all doing so well, their respect for each other and sense of

    family is testament to something working well.

o Hospitality from the team in Nepal, and students is a delight to experience.

o Maureen does an amazing job, and her audit gives us confidence in what

   we’re doing. Each month Maureen sends out receipts with some news

   attached and that gives our sponsors an important ongoing connection.

o Lia and Peter arranged a number of small group catch-ups with past and

   present students that proved to be a wonderful opportunity to chat and

   appreciate how well our graduates are making their way in the world.

o And it is always good to be together as a group in Nepal, Hilary and Jeremy

   adding to our knowledge and experience of Nepal.

Thank you for your support and for being part of this wonderful 'family'..

It is inspiring to visit IGWR-Nepal and seeing ‘what a difference” we all make gives us an incentive to do more at home.

welcome to Nepal

A link to a fifteen minute video that captures eleven years of memories

October 2022 - Our treasurer's week in Nepal

NEWSLETTER - August 2022


May 2022 - News in Brief

The pandemic has made our work even more valuable in Nepal.


“Child labour, child trafficking and even child marriages on the rise due to pandemic induced poverty. Based on the national data of Nepal’s Central Bureau of Statistics for 2021, 1.1 million (15.3%) children are subjected to child labour.” []


What we have learned from Covid-19 is that we are very much dependant on help from each other, and that by caring for one another we not only help the other person, but we are also helping ourselves.

Your gift makes a real difference.


It is such a delight to see a child we met in year 7 now working as a doctor in Nepal, and it is such stories that inspire us to continue supporting kids and their families so that they too have an opportunity to shine.


Over the last twelve years we’ve given well over one hundred children a future, children who had no chance of an education are now nurses, bank employees, hospitality professionals, physiotherapists and that year 7 school kid we mentioned is now helping others. As governments focus on ‘defence budgets’ we look toward a better tomorrow, one in which we are all cared for, because we care for all.

Child labour in Nepal
Children working the fields of Nepal
IGWR delights in helping kids into schools
Helping single mums to look after their kids
Single mums need our support

Giving families the chance to stay together

Many of the kids we support live in a rented room with a single mum, and mum has to work in order to live, sometimes the kids are also forced to work.

But with your support, we can help both mum and her children, giving the kids the opportunity for good schooling and eventually breaking the cycle of poverty that the family are in.

To give these mum’s a hand, when they have been “left holding the baby” is giving them an opportunity to see their children share in opportunities that we take for granted.

Our budget for the year ahead is $137,555

As some of our students have now graduated, we’re fortunate to have a smaller budget than in previous years, and that gives us an opportunity to look toward helping more families.


IGWR is run by caring volunteers and that means that 99.52% of all monies donated goes directly to the operations of IGWR-Nepal


It is amazing how far money goes in developing countries; our food bill for the IGWR house that has our twelve primary aged kids was $3829 last year. That’s $319 per month, or $26.58 per child per month. We are able to give these kids a healthy well-balanced diet for less than a dollar a day.


A summary of our budget and last year’s expenses shows how much we can all achieve together and remember gifts in Australia are tax deductible.

Our budget
our expenses in Nepal

And some NEWS Highlights that give us great delight


1. Congratulation Ayog, Sachet and Suraksha for securing B+ in Grade 9 and good luck for your Grade 10 studies.


2. Our ‘Foster Home’ for two special needs girls is beautiful. Sharda, mother to one of the girls, no longer has to work as we support her as a full-time carer, so the girls are blossoming in a family situation rather than the institutional care which was the only other option.


3. Seven girls will start college this year seeking degrees in business management, social work and hotel management.

4. Reecha has just received a wheelchair from Australia, and she's happy - she's mobile.


5. And one of last year’s college graduates has just got married

I thought I couldn't make a difference because I was too small.

Greta Thunburg

Country director with a special needs girl
Our foster mum helps one of the girls to get around

With your support we give these kids a chance, and we follow them through till they find work and can fly on their own. We make a difference, and in turn, so they too will make a difference and bring about a better tomorrow, one in which we can all rejoice.


So, thank you for sharing in making the world a better place for all.

Girls need an education same as boys
helping to keep families together
School is sometimes hard work
Janary 23news
start 2023
Summit Adventures
Glass of Milk

IGWR Annual Report - September 2021

We invite to to take a five minutes read of our 2021 Annual Report; it is a short version of a big story........

Bar Chart

May 2021 - Report for the year

covid in Nepal

We are weathering the Covid-19 storm.

Once again, the year has been dominated by Covid-19, and in Nepal that has been a quite different situation to what we have experienced in Australia. In different countries around the world the effects of the pandemic have created various challenges and responses that clearly show how some peoples are better equipped to help others in need.


Thanks to the support of friends around the world IGWR-Nepal has continued to support some 60+ children, keeping them safe and providing home schooling for those living in IGWR houses, and supporting the families of those living at home when parents have lost jobs or medicines are needed.


That has obviously been quite a challenge, just look at the news images from India and appreciate that Nepal has many similarities.

There is always something to celebrate.

* Great to see smiling faces as the new year is celebrated in ‘house one’. And, yes, they have a different calendar in Nepal!


* Home schooling has been good for the kids as can been seen from this extract from Raja’s monthly report:

“Yesterday we have received result of Kapil and Kismat. This was pre board exam of their grade 4 and 5. As per the result both are doing well. Kapil has got 3.42 out of 4 and Kismat has got 2.25 out of 4 where in 2nd term result Kapil got only got 2.50 and Kismat got 1.45. Their final exam is scheduled from last week of May month. Our Tutor and some older kids from IGWR 2 and 3 are helping younger kids in their final term preparations.”


* And for those of us who sponsor and support the kids we too can celebrate making a difference.

The picture on the left is from a remote part of Nepal, what one of our ‘graduates’ calls “heaven”; Yubraj is now there working in a bank thanks to the support he has received from IGWR.

Your support is not just changing lives, it is giving life to those who would not have such opportunities without our help.


* Perhaps this an example of how we might establish a ‘new normal’ after Covid-19; sharing what we have so that others might also enjoy life as we do.

nepal new year.
mountains in Nepal

A brief look at the numbers behind IGWR-Nepal.

Nepalese food

Our food bill for the children is $24,000; that sounds a lot! But it is only $923 per child for the year or $17.75 per child each week.

EDUCATION         $78,170

RENT & UTILITIES    $19,600

The IGWR Cupboard

ready for lockdown


250 Kg of rice.

60 kg of lentils.

10 kg of salt.

25 kg of beaten rice

30 kg of Soybean balls

40 litre of cooking Oil

350 Biscuits packets

10 litres of Sanitizer

500 Masks.

6 bottles of cooking Gas

For the year ahead we have a working budget of: $171,000

Giving is the act that gives life.

The chart shows where our income came from for the last financial year; and in doing the sums, we can see that we received $108,506.


With a budget for the year ahead of $171,000 that means we’ve a lot to do in order to close this gap.


Currently our regular committed sponsors/donors give us secure funds of $50,506. This means we need to find some more regular sponsors to enable us to become financially sustainable, and that must be the focus of the year ahead.


Covid-19 has provided some lessons for us all, we are discovering that we actually are all in the same boat.

And we cannot fully enjoy our wealth and health until both of these basic conditions are a reality for all. We are imprisoned by the pandemic and our way out is to bring healing to everyone.


The words of St Francis echo today as they did in the 13th century; “it is in giving that we receive”, and that applies to vaccinations and to giving a child an opportunity for education, for both will create a better tomorrow for us all.

IGWR Income.

Domain's quarterly House Price report showed that for the 2020 December quarter, Australia's national average price for a house was $852,940.

And, a thousand words...

Maybe we are all in the same boat!

three happy faces.
we are all in the same boat.
thank you
Kids ready for school

April 2021 - News in Brief

The Situation in Nepal

The infection rate has fallen steadily, from an average of 3,000 daily cases in October to about 300 in January. Last week, Nepal recorded its first day since August without a Covid-related death.


Amid the pandemic, the ruling Communist party has been preoccupied with infighting. Despite a large majority, the prime minister, KP Sharma Oli, dissolved parliament in December and called for early elections in an apparent bid to renege on a power-sharing agreement with a rival – a move his opponents claim is unconstitutional.


But even as the health risks appear to recede, the economic fallout from the virus has been dire. Levels of unemployment and personal debt have soared, particularly for those working in tourism ‘and the informal sector.  [Guardian 11th February 2021]

wearing masks
Caring for each other

We are still busy, and making plans......

We are planning our 2021-22 budget without any provision for developing rural school infrastructure projects, and we still have the School+Plus program on hold. This is a reflection of the reality both globally and in Nepal.

It is unlikely that we will be able to send teams to Nepal untill much later this year at the earliest.


However, we continue to provide three homes for children/students and are supporting sixty kids in full-time education.

During the pandemic we’ve all realised how dependant we are (globally) on each other; and we’ve also learnt to ‘work remotely’; so maybe as we break through the pandemic, we will actually be better equipped to make an even bigger difference; and when a new ‘normal’ emerges many more will want to reach out and help those less fortunate than we are.

What can you do to help?

Raja and the team in Nepal have achieved so much, and have kept the children safe and home-schooled during the most challenging times of 2020. As we move beyond Covid into a new-normal we anticipate that even more will be achieved.


We’re planning new vocational training programs for children graduating from high school and once it is safe we will again look at supporting rural schools that require assistance.


Each year when we budget our commitments we know we need more regular sponsors, and this will be our focus for the next few months, so please, tell your friends and maybe hold a small party to show your friends that fundraising can be FUN!


And, follow us via our web-site or social media pages so that you can see the very real difference YOU are making in the lives of others.

IGWR feature image.

Thank you for all you do in sharing the work of IGWR-Nepal.

Your generosity gives kids in Nepal a chance,

a possibility have some of the blessings we have.

And that in turn enables them to be part of a new and hopeful tomorrow,

a tomorrow that will be better for us all.

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