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About Us

We are a group of volunteers from around Australia, all of us have been to Nepal and we each share the delightful experience of knowing we can make a real difference to the futures of vulnerable children and families.


We are evolving a new model for sustainable aid, as we understand that investing in a better future for others provides a better future, and a fuller life, for all.

How we make a difference....

1.  Being small and dedicated we operate with NO administrative/marketing costs

2.  We maintain compliance with 'Best Practice' policies for the benefit of the children

     we support and for financial accountability and social responsibility.

3.  Our work in Nepal is managed via registered NGO that has a board of nine local women

     and the day-to-day operations are directed by Raja (our director) who reports both to the

     board in Nepal and to our board in Australia.

4.  We can therefore respond to local needs in a local context rather than importing Western

     practices/standards that may not so readily translate to local conditions.

99.52% of all monies donated goes directly to the operations of IGWR-Nepal

Our Mission
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Financial summary

Financial summary

202122Expenses graphic.JPG

Education Fees     $37,541.68

House One            $25,306.11

House Two            $14,124.15

House Three         $5,042.26

Foster Home         $6,683.68

Staff & Services    $26,027.38


TOTAL                  $114725.26 

Our budget for the year ahead

Education                      $50,300

IGWR House One         $32920

IGWR 2 House Two      $16325

IGWR 3 House Three   $1550

 Foster Family Home    $7600

Staff & Services            $28860


Total                             $137,555

2022-23budget graphic.JPG
Tax deductible

Donations in Australia are


Where our support comes from

Sponsor income is so important
Financial transparency

Best Practice

Like many developing countries, corruption in Nepal pervades all sectors including the social welfare NGO's that are often more about making money than achieving real change.

We maintain compliance with  the child welfare board, the local administration office and the central administration authorities in Nepal; and we go beyond with a set of policies and standards that ensure accountability, integrity, transparency and the safety, care, and respect for the children that we care for.

Our policy and procedures manuals have been reviewed by Australian authorities and are compliant with the latest Best Practice policies.

Please ask us if you have any questions about our work and the procedures involved.

A copy of our "Standards & Procedures Manual", "Child Protection Manual"

and "Counter Terrorism policy" can be viewed here.

ACNC Registered Charity Tick.JPG
Our Team

Our Team

IGWR Inc. Committee
Peter Hillier
Peter Hillier
Lia Johnson
Lia Johnson
Maureen Lucivero
Maureen Lucivero CPA
Gemma Baseley
Rev'd Gemma Baseley
Matt Landy
Matt Landy
Chris Jamieson
Chris Jamieson
Peter Humphris OAM
Peter Humphris OAM
IGWR-Nepal Management Team
Sunita Sitaula IGWR Nepal Board
Sunita Sitaula
Chair IGWR-Nepal Board
Sabnam Khatun
Sabnam Khatun
Education Advisor
Raja Wani IGWR Nepal Director
Raja Wani
IGWR-Nepal Director

“We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in our hands to make a difference.” Nelson Mandela

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