About Us

With generous support from sponsors we are making a real difference.

We provide children with the opportunity of education and so create real possibilities for their future.

For many of the children we also provide a home and the basic needs of living;

a safe family life where they are loved and empowered.

We are evolving into a new model for sustainable aid.

Our university students are providing tuition and leadership within our community School+Program and those students with work placements already give some of their earnings toward our education sponsorship program.

Working together we envisage that IGWR-Nepal will become a self sustainable operation that continues to make a real difference by empowering those who do not have the opportunities we have  and thereby enabling them to be part of the solution that closes the gap between those who have and those who are in need.

“A child without education, is like a bird without wings…”

Tibetan Proverb

Our Mission

We believe the future is in our hands and we have the power to create it.

We believe in the power of education to transform the individual and the world.

We believe it is as valuable for us to give as it is for those we support to receive. 

We are ethical and always act in the best interests of children

We are caring and compassionate and treat every child with dignity and kindness

We embrace new ideas and seek sustainable solutions rather than short-term remedies.

We promote collaboration and work in full partnership with our communities. 


Our Vision

Every child should have access to education so they can create a better future for themselves, their families and their communities;

in sharing this community responsibility we

share in the creation of a better future for all.


Our Team


“We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in our hands to make a difference.” Nelson Mandela

We Need Your Support Today!

In Giving We Receive

We invite you to share with us in this rewarding initiative; and together  make a difference in the lives of these vulnerable children

Email: igwr.nepal@gmail.com

Phone: 977-9813 2266 94

Registered Charity: 31 156 195 461

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