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“Every child deserves a champion – an adult who will never give up on them"

Many of the children that need our support come from 'single mum' family situations.

And the mums are amazing: living in a single cramped room without running water, often two or three kids all together; mum has to work long hours just to pay rent and feed the children.

Single mums deserve all the support we can give them
Single mums work so hard, we can give them time with their kids
Single mums appreciate the help we can share with them

These kids need our support, and the best thing we can do for them is to enable them to stay in the family home and achieve an education. The mums also need our support so that they can 'be there' for their children.

One year of support for each child costs around $1000 AUD

If you can join us in this wonderful work please donate whatever you can

All amounts are 100% tax deductible in Australia

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