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Educating kids gives them a life

Stories:    Changing Lives

Each child we support is a lifetime of stories; these are all valuable stories; very often they begin in tragic circumstances and start with a sense of hopelessness.

Each story however is an illumination of the power of love, and an illustration that we can make a difference and we do make a difference when we give of ourselves to another.  

IGWR is tax deductible
a heart that gives, gives life to another


From an old hermits 'cave' above the funeral Ghats in Pashupatinath Temple we rescued these three children. One had severe burns, all three were malnourished and their were parents alcoholics. In the eight years they have been with IGWR they have more than blossomed and are an inspiration to all. Both parents have since died and we are committed to their long term care.

Sponsored by: Biance, Elyse, Wendy, Hans and Lawrence +Anon

Happy school girl
Heart symbol of giving
Boy from primary school
Boy growing into high school


These three girls, and their brother were the first children that created the IGWR house. We gave them a home after visiting the rural property where they lived after their mother died.

Their father was brewing alcohol and the girls were left to look after each other and were not attending school.

Now they are beautiful, and a delight in helping care for others.

Supported by IGWR and looking for sponsors for further studies.

so important to support girls in poorer countries
A girl at school is a happy child
Appreciating the blessings we share
a loving gift
A giving heart


Taken to hospital after quite a beating that included a broken arm, we brought this child into the IGWR family. He was street wise and amazingly likeable, however his home situation was a constant downhill spiral. Now he is one of the great entertainers at IGWR House 1 and street smart in a more wholesome way.

Sponsored by: Biance, Elyse, Wendy.

Giving is love
our kids are happy and healthy and growing strong
the gift of love
Val & her sister sponor two girls
Lia and her sister sponsor two girls


These two were left at home to look after each other after their father left home and mum had to go out to work to put food on the table. Mum now is working with IGWR as a housekeeper and the two sisters are sponsored by two sisters from Australia.

Supported by Lia and Val.

Beautiful kids supported by generous sponsors
A heart that gives, IGWR loves sharing

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