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Rural Nepal, where poverty bites deep

Rural school Infrastructure

IGWR’s Rural School Infrastructure program aims to transform rural schools in Nepal to give more children the education, resources and opportunities they deserve.

Children is rural schools face many challenges – classrooms are limited, can be unsafe and are often unsuitable; toilets can be unhygienic and water supplies unsafe, putting children at risk; and school resources are often rare and inadequate.

Rural school in need of renovation


Schools are poorly funded, and a lack of facilities means many kids don't attend.

rebuilding rural school

New Classrooms

Improving the school

and providing teacher training  increases enrollment

rural school toilet block

Volunteer work

We've enjoyed having project teams from Australia assist with Building works

New classrooms for rural school in Nepal

Better schools

Not only do the kids benefit, but the whole community revalues education

Sponsors and volunteers complete rural school project


The results speak for themselves, we CAN all make a difference

school girl in Rural Nepal

An opportunity

No longer is working the fields the only opportunity, these kids have a bigger future.

The Rural School Infrastructure program identifies the potential in rural schools that are already in existence, and further constructs and renovates classrooms and other facilities as well as improving access to hygienic toilets, and providing clean and safe drinking water.

The program also offers mentoring, training and further skills development opportunities to teachers; and provides quality classroom essentials including textbooks, materials and games.

Importantly, IGWR utilises local contractors for construction work to encourage community involvement and support the local economy.


We will only undertake a project when we know it is fully funded as we don’t have spare resources and any shortfall could adversely affect our regular commitments.

So we work with 'project teams' in Australia that fundraise and also join as volunteers to help with the actual construction works.

Children need a good education

Join Us

We have a waiting list of school development projects, and also support regular teacher training in two rural schools.

Your donation will help us realise the next project and will give rural kids a better opportunity and a brighter future

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