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special needs kids need special care

“Every child deserves a champion – an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best they can possibly be.” – Rita F. Pierson

Reecha now with a foster family rather then institutional care

New Life for special needs girls.


Kids with special needs (Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Etc.) face a real challenge in Nepal and IGWR have been supporting two ‘special’ girls who have been in a Special Education and Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children for several years.


Sadikshya (15 years old) was supported by IGWR as her mother (Sharda), a single parent, needed to work and care for Sadikshya’s older sister. Sharda’s story [see below] demonstrates the difficulties faced when there is little welfare or support services to ease the load.


Reecha (13 years old) was originally sponsored as a baby and is in the same residential care home as Sadikshya, as a child with Cerebral Palsy she needs much support and at the same time is developing as a clever and delightful person.


Both girls are very much included in the IGWR family and regularly have home visits and stay with the other children so that they both know and feel the love of family.


Covid-19 has added to the challenge both for the girls and for IGWR in caring for them, and this has inspired us to take a bold step and give the girls and Sharda a new family life.

We have set up a family home for Sharda, her two daughters and Reecha; and they think that they’re in heaven.


Mum will no longer have to leave her 'special needs' daughter and go work, rather she will be the caring mum for both special needs girls and will have the added support of Samiksha, the older sister.

A happy family home, safe, secure and with a loving mum.


IGWR-Nepal has worked hard to bring this proposal to fruition and has sought advice from child welfare specialists who support the initiative as a wonderful outcome for all concerned.


The gift is that we give these girls the real opportunity of family life and loving care.

a beautiful foster family

Sharda, Sadikshya and Samikshya

Taking acre of those who need to be cared for

Reecha; coming home for a visit with IGWR-Nepal Board Chairperson, Sunita

The gift of giving is a blessing to all

Reecha & Sadikshya, two special girls with IGWR Inc Chairperson.

"I could not even dream that so many people would care so much for us"

The giving, well, that is the budget we have prepared, and it involves a long-term commitment as the girls will need ongoing care and support as they cannot live independently.

Apartment Rent                                          3470

Furniture fittings & modifications                500

Food & Consumables                                 2000

Sadiksha/Reecha medical needs               500

Mother’s carer payment                              2000

Tuition & support                                        1000


   Total, start-up and year one                   $9470

Please consider joining us and become part of this family, share in giving these three girls and a hardworking mum a future, and see what a very real difference we can make together.


We need a number of regular supporters to ensure we can commit to this project long-term and expect that over the next ten years we will need around $120,000.


That sounds a lot BUT, imagine 20 regular supporters and then it’s only $50 a month.

We can all be part of making a real difference in the world

From a one room home to a beautiful apartment

" I am so happy..... so happy..... so happy"

Share in giving these beautiful girls a family home for they need our support in order to be together...

The gift of a wheelcair makes a world of difference
Making kids happy is always a joy
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