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Including IGWR in your Will is a thoughtful and generous way to leave a legacy that will transform the lives of children in Nepal.

Your generosity allows us to plan for the long-term with a greater degree of certainty and helps us to create a positive and sustainable future for generations to come.

How to leave a bequest to

IGWR In Giving We Receieve.

You will need to have a legally established Will if you intend to make a testamentary bequest to IGWR In Giving We Receive Inc.


The following is an appropriate wording for your will:


* I LEAVE to IGWR In Giving We Receive Inc., of Beaconsfield in the State of Western Australia for its general purposes the sum of (amount in words) from my estate.

[there are other options to the above wording depending on your intentions, however it is important to correctly nominate IGWR with the correct name].

c'est en mourant qu'on ressuscite à l'éternelle vie.

it is in dying that one is raised to eternal life.

Prayer of Saint Francis

In Giving We Receive

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We invite you to share with us in this rewarding initiative; and together  make a difference in the lives of these vulnerable children


Phone: 977-9813 2266 94

Registered Charity: 31 156 195 461

ACNC Registered Charity

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