Education Sponsorship

Education Sponsorship

A real investment in a better future for all

Giving a child an education is giving the gift of life.

The kids we sponsor would not have the opportunity of an education without the generosity of our sponsors.

And together we make a real difference, taking children through primary school to university and beyond.

Kids in education infographic

When you sponsor a child's education, you give them the gift of opportunity, and you create a path for their future.

We'll give you regular updates, including school results and progress reports of the child's overall well being.

It is wonderfully rewarding to share in giving these kids a real chance in life.

We have a waiting list - Children hoping that we can help them to attend school.

And we can provide them opportunities with the generosity of new sponsors.

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Sponsor a Child's

T. Gurung, graduated from college in 2018 with IGWR sponsorship

"My successes in their entirety have been made possible because of the constant dedication and support of IGWR. The amount of thanks I wish to express is beyond actual words to express the feelings."